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Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam (SLAEI) # 10


The Continuatio of the Samaritan Chronicle of Abu l-Fath al-Samiri al-Danafi


Text, Translated and Annotated by Milka Levy-Rubin



About the Book:

    The Kitab al-Ta'rikh of Abu al-Fath, the most complete and the most famous of the Samaritan chronicles, has been widely treated since it became known to scholars in the seventeenth century. Although the original chronicle, as written by Abu al-Fath, ended with Muhammad, the Kitab also had a continuatio, running from the time of Muhammad until ca. A.D. 930, of which the first part only was published in 1865, while its main part, which has survived in one manuscript only, has been ignored. Although the Continuatio is a history of the Samaritan people from the time of Muhammad until ca. A.D. 930, this part contains, in fact, considerable information not only about the history of the Samaritan people, but also about political events of the period in Palestine as well as in Syria and Egypt. It is a document of special value, presenting the point of view of the dhimmis, the "protected non-Muslim population" living under Muslim rule, and providing many new facts concerning their lives and the current events. Being a "local" chronicle, it naturally considers Palestine as the center and views other countries and provinces as marginal to its concerns. It provides the reader, therefore, with quite a special viewpoint of Palestine under Muslim rule, revealing many new facts concerning local events.

    This book provides an annotated translation of the Continuatio, accompanied by an Introduction and a facsimile edition of the manuscript, which has not been published until now.


About the Author and Translator:

    Milka Levy-Rubin wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on "The Patriarchate of Jerusalem after the Arab Conquest," and has specialized in the history of Late Antiquity and the transition from Byzantine rule to Islam in the East in general, and in Palestine in particular. She is presently Lecturer at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


Publication date: November 1, 2002

Size: 6 x 9 in. (15. x 24.1 cm)

CIP L.C. 2002019996; xiii, 203 pages; Translation; Arabic text; Geographical Appendix, Bibliography, Index

ISBN 978-0-87850-136-6 (hardbound)  $39.95  Buy it at Amazon.com!