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To be a Stone Age creature in a Jet Age zoo tends to cause problems. The list of societal problems are numerous- from depression and suicide to obesity, drug use, insomnia, loneliness, and boredom-to mention only a few of the "diseases of civilization." The list goes on and on, while wars around the world continue to plague democracies, monarchs, and Mankind. Are we prisoners of our environment and, if so, can we do anything about it? Are we really happy? The author of this book, Bjorn Grinde, who is a molecular biologist at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo, Norway, believes we are losing sight of our biological inheritance. He takes a closer look at the blueprint of our genes, which carry instructions for the development of arms and legs and for our mental capacity. He is convinced that a better knowledge of mankind's biology will help us make better choices. He tells us why we are in our present predicament and what we can do about it.

There is growing interest in the biological/evolutionary perspective that can be brought to an understanding of human behavior. Related to the concept of Darwinian Medicine, which focuses on diseases, the evolutionary perspective of Darwinian Happiness may improve psychological well-being, which could lead to indirect benefits pertaining to a variety of medical conditions. Dr. Grinde proposes ways of looking at our genetic make-up positively, based on our evolutionary origins and functional genes still embedded in the Stone Age. This book addresses humankind's problems on a global scale and offers solutions-a Paradise Society designed to maximize Darwinian happiness-so that we, as a species, may have a better chance of survival.

DarwinianHappiness is written for a general audience as well as interested biologists, physicians, psychologists, sociologists, behaviorists, and other professionals in the life sciences. The book offers new insights into the nature of being human, and explores how our understanding of human nature can help improve the quality of our lives.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: On Genes and Gurus *DOWNLOAD*
Evolution: The Theater of Life
Darwinian Happiness: Why We Should Listen to Our Genes
Human Origins: The Age of the Dangerous Hero
The Brain: Your Personal Necktop Computer
Rewards: Use Your Head-That's What It's There For
Consciousness and Emotions: On Burns and Blossoms
Sex: The Most Important and Most Difficult Task
Mating Behavior: What Has Love Got To Do with It?
Good and Evil: The Pleasure of Compassion
Community: Making the Most of Our Social Instincts
Religion: If God Is in Your Genes
The Art of Seeing: Visual Delight
Sounds and Song: Musical Satisfaction
Is the Future Just History?

End Notes