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John aboard the SEAC with Pilot

      This is the story of contraband runs of 2,000 miles in a 60-foot North Sea Fishing Boat with a mixed bag of a crew: a Scotch captain, a French doctor, a Belgian journalist-resistance fighter, an Irishman, and an Australian murderer who eventually turned pirate. Here are the recollections also of Tangier's post-war expatriate colony of Foreign Legion deserters, gigolos turned gun-runners, a panty manufacturer who's a smuggler and a pirate, a murdered Countess, and that "Man in Naples," Lucky Luciano. There are also some better known folks: Paul Bowles, Barbara Hutton, saloonkeeper Joseph Dean, Truman Capote, and Bill Bird who was Hemingway's pal and first publisher. Tangier's true-to-life subculture and the operations of its smuggling fleet are portrayed here in a way never before described.

John Moore (back row on left) with friends