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John Moore in the Army at Camp Rucker, Alabama

      John L. Moore served in both the United States Navy (in World War II) and the United States Army (Korean War). In addition to his stint abroad as a smuggler aboard a ship that was once the pride of the British Merchant Navy, he found employment with a survey crew and worked as a construction foreman in French Morocco. Returning to the States, he became a circus hand, a cabdriver, and a railroad worker in Wyoming, and an account supervisor for a New Jersey Telephone Company. Attending night school at the Seton Hall School of Law, he passed the bar exams in 1957 and, after admission to the bar, joined a prestigious law firm in New Jersey. He was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States and opened his own law firm, spending 35 years as a trial attorney specializing in civil and criminal law and defending the rights of the underdog and criminals of every type (with the exception of smugglers).