An International Biographical Dictionary of

Last Resting Places

a Compendium
of Fact Pertaining to the
Lives and Mortal Remains of the
Famous and Infamous, Whose Locations
Can Be Identified, as well as Those Whose Locations
Can Be Located Only Approximately, Along with an
Appendix Listing Those Whose Tombs Alone Remain

Compiled and Edited by S.H. Lorentzen and E.H. Breisacher

About this Book: A descriptive guide to the extant remains of famous and infamous people from the distance past to the present, nothing cause of death (where known) and the burial sites or places of last repose that are accessible to the public, along with other historical information of interest to tourists, travelers, and scholars. More than 6,500 biographical entries are arranged in alphabetical order (with geographical and occupational appendices) with references. In addition, there are appendices to sites where a person cannot be located with precision or where the tomb alone remains. A number of maps are also included, along with illustrations of selected tombs and gravesites drawn by Martha Huehnergarth.

About the Editors: E.H. Breisacher, a publishing consultant, has journeyed throughout most of North America, Europe, and the Middle East in search of famous tombs and gravesites. Sandra Lorentzen, a cultural tourism development consultant, has spent several years researching the entries listed in Last Resting Places at the Library of Congress and other libraries across the country and abroad and visiting gravesites. Together, the editors have merged their special interests in accurate, scholarly, and descriptive biographical references that span the globe and the ages and reach into the beyond.

Forthcoming: Winter 2014
Approx. 900 pages; Illustrations; Maps; Appendixes
CIP L.C. 79-52704 7 x 10 (17.8 x 25.4cm)
ISBN 978-0-87850-032-1 $49.95