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"Like E.B. Sledge before him, Rick Alexander is one of those men who didn't develop the protective mental callus, which shields so many soldiers from combat's brutality. Honesty, compassion, and humanity-all heavy burdens to carry in war are exactly what make My Other Life a memorable Vietnam memoir."

—Patrick Walsh, poet and former 25th Infantry Division Infantry officer

"The story line sounds familiar, but Alexander's irreverent presentation knocks it beyond ordinary memoir boundaries. He hopscotches from scene to scene with prose overflowing with doubt, sarcasm, fear, love, hate, cynicism, and exaggeration. He raises questions about most phases of the war while producing laughs and anger. His amped-up writing style seldom wavers in its intensity portraying war as a menace to mankind." (Click here to read the whole review)

—Henry Zeybel, The VVA Veteran, Books In Review

"About Rick Alexander's incredible story, Pat Walsh says, "It's a study unto itself." Rick has mastered memory. Not only was he able to survive the nightmare of The Nam, but years later he was able to relive and revive his experience in a fast-paced, poignant, enthralling, heart-breaking way. We are right with him every minute, realizing his torment to be associated with the brutality he experienced, knowing how much he cared about integrity and service, making his father proud while also understanding his brother's viewpoint. What. A. Superlative accomplishment, Rick!"

—Lynn Sanford, author, Starboard at Midnight