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Darwin Books SLAEI Series




Their Culture and Management


by W. Watson with the assistance of W. Bean



About the Book:

    First published in 1890, this rare classic of orchidology is a beautiful example of the art of the Victorian bookmaker, now re-issued in facsimile edition. Drawing upon the considerable resources at Kew, the author, once curator of its collections, presents a guide to the cultivation of over 1,000 species and hybrids. The cover is stamped in gold and three colors, and the pages are gilded. There are eight full-color plates, 150 black-and-white engravings, and one foldout. An ideal gift for the fancier or for the collector of beautiful books.



The text, beautifully written, is divided into chapters by genus, containing a description of each genus, its cultural requirements, supported by classic illustrations of the times. . . . The advice is timeless and accurate. . . . [The book] should be an integral member of every orchidist's library.

American Orchid Society Bulletin


Publication date: 1978; reprinted, 1987

8 color plates; index

Size: 6 cx 9 (15.2 x 22.9 cm); ix, 554 pages

ISBN 978-0-87850-036-9 (hardbound)  $50.00  Buy it at Amazon.com!