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Palestinian Leader Jajj Amin al-Husayni


Mufti of Jerusalem


by Taysir Jbara



About the Book:

    This important study deals with the life and policies of Hajj Amin al-Husayni, who held the position of Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the highest posts in the Muslim world during the troubled years, 1921-1937. After being forced out of Jerusalem by the British Mandate Government, Hajj Amin spent time in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, prior to taking refuge in Berlin during World War II. Since much of the Arab World viewed the colonial powers of Britain and France as their enemies because they occupied almost all of the Arab lands, it is not surprising that many Arab leaders looked to Germany and Italy as possible liberators.

    The narrative draws heavily on hundreds of previously unreported documents from British and Israeli archives, and the writer had the good fortune to locate the personal diary of the Mufti. This study is important to all students of Arab and Israeli politics in the twentieth century.


About the Author:

    Taysir Jbara was born in Palestine during the period of the British Mandate. After completing his B.A. in Arab History and Literature at the University of Damascus, he earned his Ph.D. from the Department of history, New York University. After a successful business career in the United States, Professor Jbara took up teaching in the Palestinian West Bank universities of Bir Zeit and Hebron.


Publication date: 1985

Bibliography, glossary; index

Size: 6 x 9 (15.2 x 22.9 cm); xii, 221 pages

L.C. 85-050584

ISBN 978-0-940670-21-1  $35.00  Buy it at Amazon.com!