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About the Author

William F. Haynes, Jr., M.D.
      William F. Haynes, Jr., M.D., now retired after many years as senior attending physician with the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Medical Center at Princeton, remains active as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine New Jersey. He earned a Th.M. degree from LaSalle University Graduate School of Religion in May 2001, was awarded the "Graduate Religion Achievement Award," and was inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa-the national honor society for theology and religious studies. He is currently a member of the Honorary Staff at the Medical Center and a visiting lecturer and teacher in the fields of medicine and spirituality.

U.S. Navy ships in Teavannui Harbor, Bora Bora, February 1942
(Source: U.S. Navy photo: #80-G-K-1117)