A Darwin® Book

      Archivists, historical societies, and citizens from all walks of life have an intense interest today in wartime memorabilia as a way of preserving our heritage as a nation. There continues to be a deep fascination in the World War II era and its aftermath despite the passage of 60 years since the end of the conflict.
      Although many books and movies have recorded episodes of famous invasions and battles involving well-known warships during World War II, the purpose of this book is to allow you, the reader, to experience a microcosm of life at sea, the day-to-day events that constitute the existence and survival of those who sailed during this period. Noteworthy is the dedication of those individuals and ships involved in transporting much-needed troops and matériel to all the combat areas around the globe. This was the job of the Merchant Marine. It required a community of well-trained, ship-board personnel to complete the task. Aware of the enemy's hidden presence during any or all voyages and conscious of threats to the ship itself presented by an unpredictable ocean, they stood by the war effort with courage and determination, and indeed made victory at sea possible.