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Sea Time


by William F. Haynes Jr., M.D.



About the Book:

    Sea Time recounts the early career of the author as Cadet-Midshipman and Deck Officer with the United States Merchant Marine during World War II and its aftermath, and his adventures as Ship’s Medical Officer in the U.S. Navy in the 1950s. From Kings Point (Long Island) to San Francisco and Pearl Harbor to Saipan, Midshipman Bill Haynes was a witness to the last violent days of the War in the Pacific. His service took him across the Equator to the South Seas and finally to a brief period of action as the Allies gathered their forces for the final assault that would end the conflict.

Returning to Kings Point for further training in the United States Merchant Marine, he received his license as a Deck Officer, and thus began a number of voyages to Europe on missions that included the return of American troops back to the States and German and Italian prisoners returning to Europe in 1946. After these assignments, he studied at Princeton University and Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) to become a physician. He was then called back to service as a United States Navy officer during the tumultuous times of the Hungarian Revolution (1955 to 1957). As Deck Officer and then Ship’s Medical Officer, he made, all told, 64 Atlantic Ocean crossings, another four in the Pacific, and two voyages to the Caribbean. He was able to broaden his medical expertise, by necessity, to such esoteric specialties as veterinary medicine and dentistry, whilst deepening his knowledge of mal de mer (sea sickness). Recounting adventures both humorous and sad, Dr. Haynes provides insights into the human condition in times of great upheaval. Always present in the background and sometimes dictating the course of human events is the sea—in all her beauty and terror, a place of tranquility and storm—the one constant against which the human spirit can be measured. He finds Mankind up to the task, optimistic that humanity will, in a spiritual sense, prevail.


About the Author:

William F. Haynes, Jr., M.D., now retired after many years as senior attending physician with the Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Medical Center at Princeton, remains active as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine New Jersey. He earned a Th.M. degree from LaSalle University Graduate School of Religion in May 2001, was awarded the “Graduate Religion Achievement Award,” and was inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa—the national honor society for theology and religious studies. He is currently a member of the Honorary Staff at the Medical Center and a visiting lecturer and teacher in the fields of medicine and spirituality.




“Congratulations on producing such an interesting and informative book. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing. . .well done!”

—Marty Skrocki, Public Information Officer, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy


“I found the book most interesting. It contains the life of Dr. Bill Haynes at the US Merchant Marine Academy and at sea under wartime conditions and the period after World War II when the United States was rebuilding the world, bringing our troops home as well as deploying fresh troops and their dependents as peacekeepers. . . .The short stories on the displaced persons are most interesting. One realizes from Dr. Haynes’ book the concerns, fears, anxieties and language problems facing these immigrants. [To date] little has been written on this group of people displaced by World War II seeking a new home, freedom and a chance to rebuild their lives. . . . [Sea Time] is a book that one can read a chapter or two at a time as each chapter is its own story. Again, congratulations on completing it. The book itself adds to the history of World War II and that short period at the end of the War.”

—Captain Warren G. Leback,

 Kings Point Graduate and Maritime Administrator 1988 to 1992,

Chairman of the Board, United States Merchant Marine Academy Museum, Kings Point


[Sea Time] brought me pleasure in many ways: Pleasure to renew old memories; Pleasure to renew old friendships; Pleasure to renew old experiences; Pleasure to renew Life's rewards. All of us who were fortunate to have the Kings Point background can truly be thankful for our blessings.”

Thomas Travers


“In this memoir by merchant mariner, navy veteran, physician, and humanist Bill Haynes, personal elements of the history of World War II and its aftermath are brought home to the modern reader by the actions of individuals doing their best to pursue the risky tasks assigned. . . . Haynes tells us his own stories of a teenager trained as a merchant mariner, and later his stories as a US Navy physician. . . . The individual stories are told in modest style, but it does not take much imagination to read between the lines. As our own society struggles with the sacrifices and commitment made by our military now, the perspectives of another war, recent but not so well remembered or known by today’s citizens, deserve special attention.”

Donald F. Denny, Jr., MD


“You have kept great records of your experience at Kings Point and the many facts about World Was II in detail. Your sea experiences have been very interesting for me, especially on US Merchant Ships since I can relate to them. . . . Bill, you are a classic example of a Kings Point graduate that has gone out into the world and just continued to do things right. That is what Acta Non Verba is all about. Keep the fair winds at your stern and continue your course full speed ahead.”

Charles Mardigian, Founder, Merchant Marines Veterans of America


A Compelling Memoir that Includes Paths of Career Achievement

“BILL HAYNES 1944 graduation from Newark, NJ Academy High School Program coincided with his entrance in The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY. Young Bill headed for deck officer status as he followed the demanding path of academy indoctrination. . . . Well selected photos provide a feel for the training received by shipboard officers. This was period of America's greatest maritime effort.

    Readers of all ages will find this rewarding reading. Lots of shipboard details are included as Bill advances to Academy graduation and heads for officer status in the immediate period after the war. A short period at sea prepares him for college pre-med courses at Princeton.

    His MD status comes after graduation from Columbia Med School. Carrying his new status it was back to sea for DR. HAYNES. A Theology degree came along to complete a full life at sea and ashore!

James Hoffman, Kings Point '44

Publication date: 2006.

Size: 6 x 9-1/4 inches. Includes 28 color photographs, 43 black & white halftones, and one map.

Glossary; Index; 138 pages


ISBN 978-0-87850-167-0 (hardbound)  $27.50  Buy it at Amazon.com!