A Darwin® Book

To understand survivor guilt, one must consider the background of the person who suffers it: The experiences, relationships, mentors, beliefs that have been formed up to, and after the incident that changes his/her life. But this is only the beginning. Survivor guilt must then be "played out" in a protean way, from moment to moment, as one decision toward action or inaction is made upon another.

"Helen looked pleadingly at Karl in such a way that he could not refuse. There was a shivery sense of urgency in the air, and yet hardly much reason for urgency at all. And so, in a single moment, everything to follow was reduced to his decision."

This is the one true love story about two Titanic survivors written by their granddaughter, the namesake of Helen Newsom Behr.

We believe this book will be of interest to historians, tennis aficonados, and anyone intrigued by the mysteries surrounding the fate of Titanic survivors.