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Starboard at Midnight is a delightful book that weaves together history and fiction to tell the true tale of a fascinating man from a fascinating time in American history. Sanford leads the reader on a journey from the cobblestones of Brooklyn Heights to the wild mountains of Mexico, from the courts of Wimbledon to a lifeboat among the wreckage of the tragic Titanic.”
—Debby Applegate, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for
The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher

“When hundreds died and you should have gone with them, it is difficult to cope with such pressure. Starboard at Midnight tells the story of Karl H. Behr, a German American who survived the tragedy of the Titanic. Famed as a rising tennis star, he joined activism with former President Theodore Roosevelt in his own way of facing survivor's guilt. Starboard at Midnight is a moving bit of biography and history, very highly recommended reading.
Midwest Book Review

“...a literary treat in the rising tide of books about the century-old disaster.... Amid the hubbub of glossy pictorials, in-depth chronicles, and pure junk has emerged an intimate literary gem, Starboard at Midnight, a novelized treatment of the lives of Titanic survivors Karl Behr and Helen Newsom.... With all the drama and intrigue that charges a spy thriller, and punctuated by bursts of eloquent prose, Sanford's well-woven tale fleshes out the grandmother she cherished and reclaims an elusive grandfather she never knew but felt compelled to discover. The romance of Behr and Newsom is familiar to Titanic aficionados, but its retelling from such close quarters offers fresh nuance.... The book’s 38 illustrations are in themsevles worth its purchase price. (Read More)
—Randy Bryan Bigham, Encyclopedia Titanica

“...Helen Behr Sanford has written what for me was one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.... Helen Behr Sanford, the granddaughter, who found the 168 page manuscript that Karl had written, has done a great job in bringing back the life of a real hero.” (Read More)
—Victor Niederhoffer, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Your book is wonderful, and I have cited it in a piece I have just written for the Literary Review about the best Titanic books. You tell a powerful, moving story, which readers will love.”
—Frances Wilson, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature

“First, to unearth (and then publish!) the heartfelt secrets of a grandparent is such a profound act of love. And through your exquisite prose, the love you feel for your grandfather came through every page. The way you wove the past and ‘present’ together in such an elegant, yet very accessible means was a delight for the reader. In particular, I enjoyed being an eyewitness to the love affair between Helen and Karl that blossomed into a mutual devotion we so rarely see today.
     “The painstaking research you must have conducted was evident in the details of the dialogue and the descriptions of life in Brooklyn and Europe. What fun you must have had going back in time in such luscious surroundings that were so personally relevant to your family's history. A journey of the heart, no doubt.
—Katharine W. Denby

“You are the artist with your romantic descriptions of the world and its relationships so the depth of your writing is really significant.... you made the argument of how it all happened just BRILLIANT.
—Charlotte V. Smith

“Count me among the book's greatest admierers. Your work deserves wider praise and I think it could be a wonderful film or television series... Thank you again for writing your wonderful book and sharing it with us.”
—Tom Maxey

“And what an existential quandary that few would have the courage to tackle. Brechtian!”
—Anne Fulper

Barrett and Gore in foreground vs. Wright and Behr in All-England Championships, 1907